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Gosforth Central Middle School

Learning at GCMS

Our Curriculum Intent

At Gosforth Central Middle School, our curriculum develops pupils who are curious, kind, empathetic and ambitious. Every child is valued as an individual and their wellbeing is at the heart of everything that we do. Through their studies, pupils think critically and deeply about the world and their place in it through a curriculum that is exciting and stimulates a love of learning. They are challenged to be inquisitive, to drive their own learning and are supported to extend this beyond the classroom. Every child is provided with their own chromebook, enabling them to take ownership of their learning. By opening doors to the wider world and subsequently welcoming limitless possibilities, our pupils are supported to become the best versions of themselves. 

Our curriculum is innovative, creative, inclusive and blended. Learning is carefully sequenced to facilitate links and connections to create powerful reflective learners. This is carefully intertwined with the development of the key skills essential for personal growth, thereby nurturing the balanced and broad development of every child. 

The value that we place upon our reading culture allows pupils to view the world through a different lens and all subjects provide regular opportunities for pupils to access engaging, challenging and inspiring texts. It is reading that drives learning across the curriculum and through this, knowledge is experienced, deepened, and challenged. Pupils read fluently and with expression and reading for pleasure is fundamental to our daily school life. The magic of reading is valued and embraced by the whole school community. 

We are proud to be an inclusive school community which values every voice. Pupils are encouraged to express themselves through our focus on oracy. They are equipped with the language and skills necessary to make their voices heard as well as appreciating and valuing the views of others. Oracy and other essential key skills, such as teamwork and resilience are strengthened through our enterprise programme. Pupils regularly engage with guests from diverse backgrounds, learn about exciting and varied career opportunities and directly engage with the local community. Through this, they widen their horizons and develop an appreciation of social responsibility.  

Our curriculum allows pupils to regularly feel successful, however they are not afraid to take a risk. We provide a safe space for them to fail and to learn from that experience. They are confident and resilient and when they leave us in Year 8, they are equipped with the tools for lifelong success and are empowered to confidently embrace their future. 


 Our Live Curriculum 


Posted below are links to lists of what we teach on a fortnightly basis at GCMS. Each link will outline skills covered plus tips and links for parents/carers to help their children.

5th September 2022

20th September 2022

3rd October 2022

31st October 2022

14th November 2022

28th November 2022

9th January 2023

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