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Gosforth Central Middle School

Expedition Journals


Introducing Expeditions at GCMS


All pupils at Gosforth Central Middle School have created their own Google site on their chromebook this term. This is what we are calling our ‘Expedition’. 


What is the purpose of the Expeditions?

  • Your child’s Expedition site is a place where they can record key moments as they move through their four years at middle school.
  • It is a way of celebrating their achievements and sharing their progress with others.
  • It enables them to show their family their learning at school.
  • It allows them to reflect on how far they have come and to see the progress that they are making in their learning.


What will an Expedition include?

Pupils will be encouraged to use a variety of media such as photographs, video, voice recordings and written work to demonstrate their learning, progress and experiences.  Over time, their site will reflect their learning in all subjects, as well as their contributions to life in school, including their participation in extracurricular activities and school trips. 


There is also a section which allows pupils to write about any activities that they are involved in, out of school, and achievements which they wish to share.


Who will see your child’s Expedition?

All teaching staff in school have access to your child’s Expedition.  This allows their subject teachers to give support in what they include for each subject, and their form teacher to oversee Expeditions in form time.


Your child is able to share their Expedition with you at home and we welcome your support in helping them to develop it.  We hope that you enjoy the insight that it gives you into their learning at school and will welcome your feedback about the Expeditions through a survey which we will send out early in the New Year. 


Expedition Ambassadors

All pupils will be able to earn an Expedition Ambassador badge for demonstrating that they are using their Expedition most effectively to record their learning and experiences. These will be awarded in school and should be worn on school jumpers.