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Gosforth Central Middle School

Parent Forum

About the Parent Forum

The Parent Forum offers an opportunity for parents, as major stakeholders, to consult and collaborate with the head teacher and staff to address issues and develop strategies for improving the children’s experience of school life. What do we do?
  • Meet once a term
  • Provide a voice for parents on issues that are important to us and our children
  • Support the school in developing strong home/school partnerships
  • Support the school in making policies current to serve the needs of children/ staff
  • Help capture the varied skills, interests, knowledge and experience that parents can offer

Research shows that when parents are involved, children do better and achieve more!

Parent Forum meetings are focussed around strategic conversations instead of fundraising or event planning (although where appropriate we will consider school wide initiatives).
Issues brought to Parent Forum should affect the whole school, and will be considered and solutions brainstormed. Issues concerning one child should be raised with their teacher, head of year or the head teacher.

At our last meeting (March 2022) we discussed: PE uniform and changing arrangements, snacks offered with school lunches, use of Chromebooks in the classroom, use of planners by teaching staff and redesign options, weight of school bags, and the return of drama and music events in school. School asked parents for feedback on the content of the website and a proposed parent code of contact. The School Ambassadors from Year 8 gave a presentation on a variety of topics they'd been considering, which fed into the topics discussed.


Meeting Minutes & Documents

Click on the links below to see meeting minutes and associated documents.

Minutes 9th March 2022

School Ambassadors - Power to Change

How to Contact us

Dr Caroline Tompkins - Email: caroline@csiconsultancy.co.uk