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Gosforth Central Middle School



At Gosforth Central Middle School we foster a feeling of belonging and a sense of pride in our school community. The school uniform is worn by pupils to show that they are part of the school family and as clear signal that they are ready to conform to our high expectations of behaviour for learning. All aspects of this policy apply to all of our pupils, regardless of their gender.


Our current uniform provider is Emblematic, for more information you can visit their site HERE. Orders can be placed directly with them.


General Uniform:

School SweaterSchool Polo ShirtThe items of uniform are compulsory and are not seasonal (i.e. the uniform does not change between summer and winter months):

  • Royal blue school-branded sweatshirt (available from Emblematic)
  • Pale blue unbranded polo t-shirt (available from Emblematic or generic uniform stockists)*
  • Black tailored trousers – not jeans, canvas, cotton, cargo style, leggings, jeggings or chinos. The trousers should not have any rivets or studs at the pockets. Trousers should be full length, not rolled at the ankle or skinny fit.

  • Black or grey tailored knee length school shorts

  • Plain black skirt – knee length or just above. The skirt may be pleated but it may not be fitted.

  • Plain black or white socks – knee or ankle length

  • Plain black or white tights

  • Plain black flat shoes - trainers may be worn provided that they are entirely black

  • Pupils are permitted to wear plain blue or black head coverings for religious reasons.


Games / PE:

Both indoor and outdoor spaces will be used to teach PE/Games lessons throughout the year.

Indoor Kit:

Short Sleeved PE TopNavy PE Shorts 

  • School short sleeved PE top (available from Emblematic)*

  • Plain, unbranded, navy shorts (available from Emblematic or generic uniform stockists)*

  • Clean trainers or plimsolls – any colour but the sole should not mark the gym floor.


Outdoor Kit:

Long Sleeved PE Top

Navy PE Shorts

As above plus

  • School long sleeved PE top*

  • Long navy socks

  • Trainers or football boots

  • Black or navy unbranded tracksuit bottoms (optional) - this item can be worn outdoors at the discretion of staff. Shorts must be brought to every lesson.


*there is no longer a requirement for these items to feature an embroidered school badge. Pupils can continue to wear items featuring the badge until they become out-grown.


Hair and Jewellery:

  • Long hair (past shoulders) should always be tied back for hygiene reasons. Pupils with mid-length or long hair must have it tied back securely for practical subjects. Hair accessories should be with any pupil with mid-length to long hair at all times.

  • Hair styles should be neat, tidy and in a formal style. Please consult with your child’s Head of Year in advance of a hair style change if you are unsure of its suitability.

  • Shaved hair should not be extreme or patterned.

  • A watch may be worn – no other wrist jewellery is permitted

  • Rings may not be worn

  • Necklaces may not be worn

  • Stud earrings may be worn. These must be removed for PE, games and swimming.

  • Ear ‘gauging’ (stretched ear lobes) is not allowed

  • No facial / tongue / body piercings are allowed

  • Minimal make-up may be worn – tinted moisturiser and concealer only. Other make up including lipstick, mascara eyeshadow, fake tan, nail polish and false nails, may not be worn



Pre-owned (Second-hand) Uniform

We are committed to making our uniform inclusive and affordable for all. We understand that some families may struggle with the rising costs of uniform and we would like to support them wherever possible whilst also promoting sustainability.

There is a cupboard in the main reception area which contains a limited stock of quality pre-owned uniform items that have kindly been donated to our school by parents when their children have either left our school or have outgrown this uniform.


As our stocks of pre-used uniform come from donations from parents, we cannot guarantee that we will have all items in stock.

If you are having difficulties meeting the cost of uniform, please help yourself to an item or two that you need. There is no need to ask the school office staff. All we ask is that you only take the items that you need, and leave the rest for other parents who may need them. 

If you would like to make a voluntary cash donation (however small) for items taken, please use the collection tin on the reception desk – all proceeds will go to the Newcastle West End Foodbank. 


If you have any items you would like to donate to this initiative, we have a large blue wheelie bin in main reception where you can deposit your items. We ask that donations are both clean and in good, re-usable condition.

Items for donation include:

  • Royal blue school sweaters
  • Pale blue polo tshirts
  • Black school skirts, shorts, and trousers
  • Navy PE tops (short and long sleeved) - without printed initials
  • Navy PE shorts - without printed initials