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Gosforth Central Middle School

Welcome to our Website...

A Message from Miss Smith, Headteacher. 

Welcome to our school website. We hope you enjoy exploring the site and can really get a sense of what we aim to achieve at GCMS: high quality of education for all which is enriched with experience and opportunity, allowing our pupils to raise their aspirations and look to the future with confidence and optimism. Instead of us telling you what we offer, we asked two former pupils, who continue to run extracurricular clubs at GCMS, to give a flavour of school life at our school.


We had great experiences at Gosforth Central Middle School - the teaching that we received was of an amazing standard and provided us with all the academic skills needed going into KS4, as well as a lot more.

 Aside from teaching, we had access to incredibly useful resources, such as multiple science labs, DT and art rooms and an incredible library stocked with a diverse range of books – non-fiction, fiction, graphic novels, and newspapers – to enrich our education.

On top of this, there is a brilliant range of clubs available, with everything from music to athletics to knitting to coding. Some of these clubs are run by ex-pupils such as ourselves (such as newspaper and coding club) and provide the ability for children to gain first-hand knowledge of the skills that GCMS can provide them with, and their invaluable uses in life in general.

As well as the amazing extracurricular selection, the trips that we had the opportunity to go on were also incredible. The ski trip for Y7 has to be one of the best, but it's hard to choose when there's others such as the French Battlefields trip (in Y8 history), as well as the Arran trip (for the more outdoorsy types). However, even with all of these great trips and clubs, the best part of GCMS is still the community created by the pupils and staff.

During our time there, we made many friends that we still have today, and can honestly say that the teachers always tried their best to make everyone feel safe, happy, and included, and still challenged us academically. Our time at GCMS helped us to improve in the classroom, but more importantly, it was where we discovered our personalities, made new friends, learned new skills, and set us on the right track to become the people we are today.

Leo and Sage, 2022