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Gosforth Central Middle School

Winter Arrangements

School Closure Notification System

In the event of bad weather we have put together a plan of expectations for the school community.

In the first instance the school grounds and surrounding area will be inspected for safety of the whole school community use.

Whilst we will do everything within our power to keep the school open, should we have to close the school or implement the snow plan, you will be notified in the following ways:


  • Direct messaging from the school by:
    • SMS (text) messages*
    • Email*
    • In app-notification through the ArborApp

*You can check and amend your own contact details within the ArborApp or Parentportal or by contacting the school office.

If you are not informed of school closure, then school remains open. 

  • The school’s website will post updates.
  • Information will be issued on Radio Newcastle
  • Newcastle City Council website will also provide information on school closures.


On affected days, please only call the school to inform of absences, staff will be busy administering the snow plan. Wait for updates from the school.


If the school is to remain open:

  • Children should come to school in sensible outdoor footwear with a change for indoor use (normal school uniform)
  • Children will be allowed out to play in the snow, in rotation, on the school field. Should there be a valid reason for your child not to go out please inform school.
  • Children will be asked to follow Snow Safety Rules whist on school premises. This includes:
    • No sliding (especially over gritted areas)
    • No throwing of snow balls
  • Please note that snow routes on school grounds will be cleared, salted & gritted but may ice over in extreme weather conditions. Everyone should take care whist on the school grounds and be aware that the school will not be liable for any injuries that occur.
  • Paths outside the school grounds are not the responsibility of the school and will not be included in our path clearing operations. Please contact Newcastle City Council if you have concerns.

Should we have to close the school for more than one day, work will be posted on Google Classroom.