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Gosforth Central Middle School

Young Writers Award

Two of our year 8 pupils have had creative success at the Lit. and Phil young writers awards, Charlotte winning and Edie as runner up. You can read their work below!

Friendship Poem

Friendships are like pens,

Some last longer than others,

But all run out in the end,

You trust your pens,

But some betray,

The ink dries out day after day,

When you’re the one always re filling the ink,

You’re in a toxic relationship.


Friendships are like pens,

We all have them,

Some people have a few good pens,

These are their close friends,

Some people have lots of pens,

Then forget which are the good ones,

The ones you can rely on,

The ones you can keep close,

These are the good ones,

The ones that are good to you,

And the ones that are smudge proof,

These are the good ones.


You want good friends like you want good pens,

You want a friend who is good to you,

You want a friend who you can trust,

A friend who will support you no matter what,

When looking for new pens you must look hard,

Find some good ones that are worth your while,

Find the ones that will work for you,

Most importantly, find a pen you will use forever,

We all need a pen we can love.


Charlotte S, Y8



Friendship: a relationship between friends.


We all have that one person

A personality that’s a puzzle piece made for you,

Someone who can read you, like a book, by only seeing the front cover.


A melody that you can only hear with that one person,

Your rock that’ll always be there even if it’s far away,

A book that you can’t put down,

Your hot chocolate you pick up when you feel ill,

Your comfort music that plays when you feel lonely,

Your computer that can always program even when you're not there,

A language that only we can translate.


Without them, I’d be half full.


A poem you can only write with experience.


Edie W, Y8