Art at GCMS

The national curriculum for art and design aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences

  • become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques

  • evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art, craft and design

  • know about great artists, craft makers and designers, and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms.

In GCMS every pupil has access to the Art and Design curriculum. We want our children to study the work of a wide range of relevant artists from a wide range of backgrounds and eras. It is our role to inspire and help them understand how art influences the world around them.

KS2 pupils: One hour lesson a week for each Y5 and Y6 class.

Year 7 pupils: Year 7 classes rotate every half term with Drama and therefore each term receive approximately 7 Art lessons per term.

Year 8 pupils: The pupils are in groups (part of the Design & Technology rotation) and receive twelve lessons. They rotate into Art twice per academic year and therefore complete 2 Art projects in Year 8.

Our pupils have access to a wide range of materials, equipment and resources. 

Within their Art education at GCMS they will be exposed to a wide range of artists that help them be inspired by a range of themes and concepts.

As they progress from Year 5 through to Year 8 the curriculum is designed to ensure they develop more independently their creative sketchbooks to show their journey as artists.

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