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Gosforth Central Middle School


Drama at GCMS develops confidence, communication and oracy skills, whilst providing students with cultural capital and the skills and knowledge associated with the creative arts industry. Learners have access to a state of the art Drama space, allowing them to rehearse and learn in a professional and inspiring environment. Students will have access to experiences that enrich their learning journey and develop their understanding of industry skills.

The aim of our energetic, engaging and knowledge rich curriculum is to develop our student’s knowledge and understanding of the performing arts in the most exciting, meaningful and fun way possible. Students will develop a love for the creative arts and will be fully equipped to access performances that really excite and engage them.

Students will learn in a supportive and encouraging environment, where they can experiment and develop their performance skills with the respect and encouragement from their peers. Students feel confident and are able to make ambitious performance choices, exploring different characters, texts, themes and performance styles.

Drama is an vitally important part of a students learning journey, it offers students an opportunity to develop confidence, teamwork, oracy and literacy skills in a completely unique way. Drama allows students to communicate and express themselves in engaging and exciting ways. The world of theatre and performance offers students a rich tapestry of opportunities to explore and experiment with, refining skills which they can take with them beyond GCMS.


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