English at GCMS

Purpose of Subject


The purpose of English as a subject is multi-faceted. Not only does it intend to equip pupils with a confident mastery of the functional skills required to participate fully in all aspects of society, but it also seeks to enlighten the human condition and spark the flames of curiosity so that they become readers and writers for life. Pupils at Gosforth Central Middle School study English not because it is compulsory, but because it is important: the subject has a richness that will continue to give back to pupils throughout their lives. Our pupils leave with a fundamental mastery of reading and writing for purpose, the ability to think critically about language and the world around them, and a rich body of knowledge that spans the history of language and literature through time. The study of English has the power to be truly transformative: it is one of the greatest levers in enabling pupils to seize their greatness.


Design of Subject


At Gosforth Central Middle School, we strive to equip pupils with the skills to articulately express their own opinions whilst listening sensitively to others, to foster a love of writing and to nurture a passion for reading whereby pupils have the opportunity to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. 


Each pupil will leave Gosforth Central Middle School with:


  • The ability to read confidently, fluently and with understanding.

  • Empowerment as a result of the knowledge that they have acquired through reading a wide breadth of literature.

  • Creativity, imagination and skill in writing. The ability to write clearly, accurately and coherently for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences whilst being capable of reflection and demonstrating empathy.

  • A wide understanding of tier-2 and tier-3 vocabulary.

  • Skills, such as technical or grammatical skills, over-learned to the point of mastery and automaticity.

  • An appreciation our rich and varied heritage

  • A value of the importance of the consideration and respect different points of view.

  • An understanding of themselves and the world around them derived from the study of the themes, characters and issues within texts.


Enrichment of Subject


As a department, we firmly believe in the importance of offering pupils a broad range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities. Consequently, our pupils have the opportunity to become involved in many different activities such as writing for the school newspaper, book groups, attending book fairs, author workshops, targeted expert sessions and cultural visits such as visiting the theatre, Seven Stories and local libraries such as the Lit and Phil. In addition, our pupils are also encouraged and supported to enter national competitions such as BBC Radio 2 500 Words, Poetry by Heart and international competitions such as the Kids' Lit Quiz.


The study of English will open doors to greatness.