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Gosforth Central Middle School


The purpose of English is to empower pupils to engage in all aspects of society, and to cultivate a genuine curiosity about the world around them. Thereby creating readers and writers for life. The study of English has the power to be truly transformative: it is one of the greatest levers in enabling pupils to seize their greatness.

Pupils at Gosforth Central Middle School study English not because it is compulsory, but because it is important. The subject has a richness that will continue to reward to pupils throughout their lives. In a world where our children are more connected than ever before, the study of English empowers our pupils to make sense of the world in which they live and find their place within it.

Our pupils are able to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually and each pupil will leave Gosforth Central Middle School with:

ü The ability to read confidently, fluently and with understanding.

ü Empowerment as a result of the knowledge that they have acquired through reading a wide and challenging breadth of literature.

ü Creativity, imagination and skill in writing whilst being capable of reflection and demonstrating empathy.

ü Skills, such as technical or grammatical skills, over-learned to the point of mastery and automaticity.

ü An appreciation of our rich and varied heritage

ü A value of the importance of the consideration and respect different points of view.

ü An understanding of themselves and the world around them derived from the study of the themes, characters and issues within texts.

The study of English will open doors to greatness and our pupils leave us able to confidently embrace the opportunities with which they are presented.



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