Home School Agreement

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I/We will do our best to:


                    Support the school and my child within a framework of partnership;

                    Support school policies and guidelines for behaviour;

                    Provide the school with information which may be relevant to my child’s behaviour /

achievements in school;

                    Ensure that my child comes to school punctually and dressed in accordance with the school

uniform code and equipped with all the necessary materials;

                    Monitor my child’s homework and sign the homework planner to confirm completion;

                    Inform the school as soon as possible when my child is absent;

                    Take an active interest in my child’s school life.



The school will do its best to:


                    Help your child achieve standards which reflect his/her ability and to work in a safe, interesting

and stimulating environment;

                    Help your child to be happy at school and to feel that home and school are working together for

his/her best interests;

                    Treat your child fairly and with consideration;

                    Listen, deal with problems consistently and maintain effective control;

                    Value your child’s opinions and ideas;

                    Set assignments, including homework, which are returned punctually and responded to in ways

which assist future learning;

                    Help children to know what is expected of them and why;

                    Keep you informed of your child’s progress.



I will do my best to:


          Show consideration and respect for people, property and the school environment;

          Follow the school code and uniform codes;

          Achieve full attendance;

          Arrive at school/lessons punctually, appropriately dressed and with the items I will require;

          Take reasonable responsibility for my behaviour, my belongings, my own safety and that of


          Take an active part in lessons, including the completion and handing in of homework on time;

          Work to the best of my ability.