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Gosforth Central Middle School


History is a vital subject that equips pupils with the knowledge and skills to understand the world we live in. History lessons at Gosforth Central Middle School stimulate curiosity and fascination about the world and the people living in it. The history curriculum is carefully designed to foster a love of learning by engaging each pupil’s natural interest in history. We aim to develop pupils into global citizens who have a deep knowledge and a broad understanding of the world that we live in.

Our curriculum aims to inspire pupils, whilst equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to become a successful historian. To promote independence, resilience and critical thinking; enquiry based tasks are key to the curriculum. Topics are taught in a chronological order from Roman Britain to the 20th century. Topics have been selected to not only be engaging but to also explore a wide range of historical content, allowing students to gain a greater perspective into how the past has shaped the world we live in today. Key historical skills such as source analysis, deep questioning and critical thinking are embedded across each key stage and reinforced regularly, preparing pupil’s with the skills required for GCSE and life beyond.

Pupils that have studied History at GCMS will develop a historical perspective of the world around them that can help them make informed decisions. Our learners will be confident, independent and resilient and prepared for the next stage of their academic career.





Geography is an important subject in the curriculum as it promotes a sense of personal place and fosters a love of exploration. It enables learners to find out more about the world we live in and how we are connected to others. We want pupils to be inspired to find out more and to be curious learners – to ask questions about our world and to compare places their lives to those of people who live in many different areas in the UK, Europe and further afield.

The Geography curriculum has been carefully structured to build upon prior knowledge and skills, starting here in the UK and gradually moving further afield as the learner moves through Years 5-8. As well as being curious, geographers are also encouraged to work on their independence and resilience through the use of enquiry based tasks. We encourage learners to explore different ways of using and presenting information, including the use of maps, charts and graphs, as well as using digital technology. We also promote exploration through the use of travel blogs and writing where possible, and aim to enable pupils to virtually explore places which aren’t local to them and inspire wanderlust.

Upon leaving GCMS, we aspire to equip learners with a greater knowledge of the world around them and the skills that they need to successfully research, enquire about, present and analyse geographical information and data. We aim to extend their geography vocabulary and give learners a greater awareness or the location of places and environments studied.



The Religious Education curriculum is designed to allow pupils to explore the many religions and beliefs that form a crucial part of culture and identity in our society. We have a wide range of faith groups represented at GCMS and it is important that the curriculum is shaped to encourage the pupils to connect with each other.

The aim of the curriculum is to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn, enquire and understand different religions. Pupils are encouraged to appreciate the way that religious beliefs shape our lives and our behaviour and to develop their abilities in making reasoned and informed judgements about religious and moral issues. Discussions are a key part of lessons, students have a safe environment to ask big religious questions, whilst developing an understanding, respect and tolerance for other religions. Pupils debate big questions and learn to listen to the views of others and respond to them respectfully, whilst considering both sides of the argument.

In RE lessons at GCMS we aim to create responsible citizens that are respectful, resilient, caring and tolerant. Pupils will be well informed and able to integrate into multi-faith society, embracing difference, whilst respecting each other.


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