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Film Club... from home?

Good afternoon all,

We're living in strange times and I think we can all agree that the biggest thing we miss about school is of course, Film Club.

We had a good thing going, the numbers were strong, there was still so much left to give and watch. However, just because we can't be in school doesn't mean that Film Club has to stop.

But what do you mean?! I hear you cry. How could we possibly have a Film Club whilst the school is closed? By holding our very own, personal, Film Club screening right in our very own homes.

Here is your challenge. No, your mission. NO! Your DESTINY! You are now the curator of your very own personal Film Club. Make it your mission to watch and indulge in the magic of the silver screen. Film is a glorious escape where for two hours you can get lost in stories about aliens or pirates or superheroes. At this time, the world needs film more than ever. It needs that escapism more than ever.

So dust off the VCR, put some popcorn in the microwave and prepare to show your very first film. I'll be doing exactly the same.

I'll be waiting for your recommendations and your reviews. Tell me. What are you watching today?

Check back soon as I'll share a review of something I've watched recently and I'll post some of the best reviews sent to me at

Roll credits...


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