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Gosforth Central Middle School


Science at GCMS aims to inspire a generation of scientists but moreover, encourage pupils to be inquisitive: ask questions about the world around them and determine how to investigate those questions. It is about creating a space where pupils make progress, whatever their starting point.

The curriculum develops such that concepts are built upon and progress in terms of theory but also scientific enquiry; we endeavour to develop independent scientists who will excel at GCSE and beyond. The subject is highly practical - theory is applied to a variety of contexts. The use of differentiation aims to scaffold learning to support all learners and challenge pupils to greater depth. 

Enterprise skills are imbedded into the curriculum: collaboration, oracy, problem solving and teamwork are an integral part of the subject. There are also many opportunities for leadership.

Enrichment is of upmost importance: creating opportunities for pupils to experience science beyond the curriculum through a range of trips, masterclasses, career talks and events such as Biology and Science Week.


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